Delphi and MobilEye prepare a demonstration of advanced autopilot


Delphi and MobilEye Company this summer announced cooperation, during the upcoming exhibition CES 2017 show in action the latest avtopilotirovaniya system.

is already experiencing the Delphi robomobili. For example, last year the company announced it has successfully completed a pilot of the rally, during which avtopilotiruemoe vehicle for the first time crossed the United States from the west to the east coast.

Regarding the Mobileye, then this company is specialized in development of video cameras, software and other solutions that enable machines to automatically monitor the situation on the road.

avtopilotirovaniya system created by specialists of Delphi and Mobileye, is called Centralized Sensing Localization and Planning (CSLP). It is a fully integrated platform with advanced means of information gathering and processing. It is alleged that the decision to allow vehicles to navigate in space, up to 10 cm, even without the use of GPS. The system is able to identify objects in all directions; for movement robomobilyu not required road markings.

As part of the demonstration at CES car with CSLP system will demonstrate the possibility of movement in a variety of settings on the site length of about 10 km. The machine to be in stand-alone mode to drive on highways, city streets, to overcome a number of junctions and so on.

The commercial version of the autopilot CSLP partners expect to present in 2019.


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