Dashcam with iPhone and Android compatible battery only today at 79.99 Euro


If you want to record what happens when you're driving a car to protect you in the event of a crash, you'll find a dashcam on the dashboard that also parks auto-parked: talk with iPhone and Android and it costs only 79.99 euros including shipping still for a few hours


Do you want a video camera to film what happens outside the car, whether it is moving or when you leave it unattended after parking it? Then take a look at the currently active offer with our code above that of Anker, with a discount of just 79.99 Euros for a few hours.

To learn more about what it is and see how it goes, click here: in our review you will find additional information and field tests. In short, this is a video camera designed to be installed in a car and record everything that happens outside the car.

So, in the event of an accident, you can protect your person in every area, from administrative to civil and criminal. It is positioned on the windshield so you can ensure a good visibility of the road and the room records all that is happening around you. Thanks to the parking mode, it can also start recording in the event of small bumps, which are automatically detected by the built-in accelerometer. All files can then be viewed directly on the smartphone (iPhone and Android) via the WiFi connection via an

This dashcam registers on a microSD card and automatically erases old files when the memory is saturated; in short, you do not have to do anything, if you do not install it and press the power button and start recording. Normally it costs 90 euros but using the R2110ITS code you pay 79.99 euros for shipment up to midnight today.

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