Creative Assembly Studio is working on a completely new "largest multi-format project"


As the Creative Assembly insider informs, the studio hires new employees to work on "the largest multi-format project in its history" – new franchise from the team Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2 .

Announcements about the vacancies on the website the studio appeared last week. Creative Assembly is looking for a senior meta game designer, a leading designer of the lead system designer and lead technical artist. Descriptions of vacancies reveal little, but still you can find something interesting in them.

The Creative Assembly will require the senior meta-game designer to create and implement the gaming economy, methods of progression, leaderboards, tests, building the world and events. Designer mechanic, in turn, will have to develop the basic mechanics of gameplay: "weapons, mobility, abilities, gadgets, health and other basic elements of the game" . Perhaps, we are waiting for a project in the role-playing genre with online elements?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say for sure what kind of game it is and whether it is created with the support of some major publisher, but the fact that we are waiting for absolutely a new project from the Creative Assembly, pleases.

The studio is mainly known for the series of strategic games Total War and the horror of Alien: Isolation. She is also the author of Halo Wars 2, Stormrise and Viking: Battle for Asgard. This fall, Creative Assembly released Total War: Warhammer II and recently announced Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia.