The portable console Game Boy of Nintendo development experts – with the name of the device, which became after 27 years since the announcement, even a household name. And although today the Game Boy on a background of high-end smartphones and tablets, which produced a variety of gaming accessories, not of interest to ordinary gamers, the true fans still appreciate the legend. This is reflected in the regular versions on Nintendo consoles and DIY-remake of the device.

at the conference in 2016 HackadaySuperConference one of its members under the «Sprite_TM» nickname – Jeroen Domburg (Jeroen Domburg) – introduced a miniature version of the Game Boy, which, despite its size, will help pass the time and surprise everyone with functionality with such a non-standard form factor.

Demonstrated Mr. Domburg gadget positioned author of the project as a console-stick that allows you to seamlessly accommodate a small copy of Game Boy on a bunch of keys. The smallest of the ever recreated enthusiasts handheld game console based on the game Boy color was the OLED-display with a resolution of 96 × 64 pixels and even a speaker. The basis of the development lay a popular microcontroller ESP32 Chinese manufacturer Espressif with Wi-Fi-interface. With this solution, users can wirelessly download new games, utilizing the designated operation for a smartphone or PC.

Corps mini clone Game Boy Jeroen Domburg has made the 3D-printer. Responsibility for the software component of the device has been assigned to the emulator GNUboy, which had considerably refined in connection with the existing technical constraints – poor hardware keyfob console. As a result, the developer of hard labor – the ability to run on tiny Game Boy shooter DOOM, not just banal Tetris and Super Mario.