Cosplayer Games Week 2016: the most beautiful in the pictures live



Cosplayers Games Week 2016: the most beautiful in the live pictures


The Games Week 2016 Milan was full of events and cosplayer . In particular, many cosplayers attended the three days dedicated to the gaming world by showing how this phenomenon is growing significantly in recent years. I amateur cosplayers had access to spaces dedicated to the make-up preparation and all’indosso customs and were, in fact, the main protagonists of the Games Week 2016. Come to discover, through our gallery, the best cosplayer of the game fair.

Among cosplayer of Games Week 2016 in Milan there were both Antonella Harp aka Himorta but also a large number of amateur cosplayers . To celebrate this growing phenomenon, during the game fair was achieved Cosplay Contest conducted by GiorgiaCosplay vincitrirce the prestigious title of Best Individual Cosplayers the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya in 2005.

In our photo gallery, present below, you can see the images of best cosplayer who participated in the Milan Games Week 2016. Enjoy!


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