Independent Studio 8 Points Yakut said that the cooperative action of the survival of Alaska The Wild Eight not will be ready on the shelves in time. Initially, the game is scheduled for release on the PC (Windows, Linux and MacOS) until the end of this month. Now release it necessary to wait until the first quarter of 2017. The project will also appear on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but when exactly is still unknown.

This delay is due to the decision of developers to completely rethink the character development system. According to the calculations of the authors, for its realization (together with other improvements) will go from one month to two. At 8 Points not announce an exact release date for the game, since it is possible the emergence of new technical challenges that may make shift studio release again.

Also, the developers have announced that The Wild Eight will not appear on Steam Early Access. Thus, the authors want to convince users that this is the day of release critical bugs without the project, ready to play with friends or alone.