Constitutional referendum on December 4: the funniest tweet



Constitutional Referendum December 4: the funniest tweet


With the approach of constitutional referendum of December 4 also social networks have started to offer entertaining. There are lots of accounts Twitter who have expressed their intention to vote with hashtag #votoSI or #votoNO . From the cartoonists Vauro, Giannelli and Natangelo, through the accounts of many users, up to God, the network has been so funny as this constitutional referendum is in the spotlight. So in this article we will explore the funniest tweets shared by users, and not just parody account.

The cartoonist @ Natangelo illustrates in a simple and quick the referendum campaign that aired.

Some say to vote with their heads, and those who vote with the belly to the constitutional referendum.

The various comparisons ahead of the constitutional referendum on December 4 have you confused? You’re not alone!

@ VauroSenesi proposes a 2014 cartoon, impossible not to say that it is still relevant!

The account @ IoVotoNo challenge @ BastaunSì with an ad-hoc sticker. Do not stand still can lead the precipice according to those who will vote no.

On December 4, in conjunction with the Constitutional Referendum will be held the funeral of Fidel Castro. @Iddio joked about classic line spoken by the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara: “ hasta la victoria siempre .”


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