first-person shooter It has long been the trend №1 in the video game industry. Such series as Call of Duty and of Battlefield, enjoy a stable popularity among gamers and do not think to end. Despite the hype, the developers sometimes allow a number of serious errors. This is what happened with the beta version Infinite Warfare for consoles. According to the Western press, the game ispyvaet problems with the creation of games: some gamers simply can not find a suitable battle. Another manage to connect, but the joy does not last long. After a wave of complaints in the address, Activision company acknowledged the problem and promised to fix it.

The first wave of testing can Take part owners of the PlayStation 4 pre-order Infinite Warfare. Interesting detail: according to the rules PlayStation Store store pre-order the game can only be prepaid all of its costs


Note that not so long ago it became known that Infinite Warfare publisher has decided to extend the beta test for one day.