Comparison of images Pixel XL with the iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 edge (20 photos)


Not all Internet users favorably respond to the test photographs smartphones obtained bloggers with his hands, but still it gives us at least some basic understanding of PhotoChances, advantages or disadvantages of camera models of interest to us. Of particular interest are, of course, the flagship of which is most often compared. The recently released Google’s cell phones and Pixel Pixel the XL claim to be on par with the iPhone’s flagship 7 and Galaxy S7 edge, as evidenced not only the cost but also the corresponding technical component. Well, let’s see and compare the photographs taken on three smartphones. Moreover, that they all have the basic module has a resolution of 12 megapixels.

Although the race for pixels picture resolution does not say anything about their quality. After their comparison, the journalist Raymond Wong put the camera smartphone Pixel XL 7 between the iPhone and the Galaxy S7 edge. He called it super-fast, and the resulting images – incredibly precise with a high dynamic range. He was also impressed with the camera Pixel XL in low light conditions. However, the reviewer was unhappy with color rendition “Google Phone”. Repainting blue sky and buildings in yellow -. Almost branded chip Pixel XL

All camera settings are reset to the factory. HDR was set to automatic mode

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