The Minister of Science, Technology and Communications, Gilberto Kassab, evaluated late on Monday (17) during the opening of Futurecom 2016, the telecommunications industry can be unencumbered “in the medium or long term” to revive its growth.

The theme of the high tax burden in the sector in Brazil was the subject of a meeting meeting on the afternoon of the second between Kassab, representatives of operators and companies of the country’s telecommunications sector.

One of the industry pain points is the Extraordinary Appeal (RE) 776594, which will be voted on by the Supreme Court (STF). Coming from a dispute between TIM and the city of Estrela d’Oeste (SP), the feature can give municipalities the ability to implement new inspection fees for cellular activities.

“not admitted think of reducing tax burden in the short term,” said Kassab. “But, with the participation of the Ministry of Finance, we will start planning a different future. Especially because we all know that reducing the tax burden, we will increase the demand, improve revenue and create jobs.”

According to the president of the National Telecommunications Agency ( Anatel ), Juarez Quadros, also present at the meeting this afternoon, Kassab has undertaken to prepare a proposal for exemption from the telecommunications sector, but not set goals or time limit for the document.

Quadros also defended the need for a reduction of taxes on the sector, but assessed that any project should be discussed and negotiated the “ministerial” level. “States have the greatest burden, with the ICMS (Tax on Goods and Services), then this can not be done with a will just in our industry,” he said.

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