seemed too good to be true. Geohot, one of the most known global names in the panorama of hacking (it was he who put the PlayStation console protections knees and perform one of the first jailbreak on iPhone), earlier this year founded the company Comma one with the aim to design and produce a kit applicable to any vehicle and can turn it into a self-driving car. The device name had already been decided, as well as its marketing price, or approximately $ 1,000. Outlay to content, if one takes into account the rate of innovation promised.

Things did not go as hoped, however, and the ‘ idea was shelved but not quite. Today George Hotz returns to the fray, announcing through Twitter profile that the entire project became open source . The code has already been published and shared on the platform pages autonomous driving (that Geohot himself defines as an alternative to ‘ AutoPilot Tesla ), as well as the platform NEO for the development of solutions dedicated to robotics.

We made it open source OpenPilot, open alternative to AutoPilot. And we have programs for NEO, a robot platform.

Obviously, to ensure that the monsters software to their ability, will have to be installed on a hardware counterpart. Hardly see self-driving car “DIY” roam the streets, but it is said that other teams do not find creative ways to make money or brilliant intuitions work so far conducted by Comma One.

George Hotz (geohot) (image: ).