In recent years, was filmed a lot of hackers and cyber security films, however, hardly any of them can be called truly good and of high quality. Nevertheless, soon one such film may appear: American directors and screenwriters Joel Cohen (Joel Coen) and Ethan Coen (Ethan Coen) have agreed to work on the Dark Web script ( ‘Dark Internet’) – films about the notorious drug online marketplace Silk road ( «Silk road”) and the person who drove this market.

The Hollywood Reporter

So far, however, is not exactly clear, for how a large-scale of the work will meet the Coen brothers . Apparently, the draft of the script for the film has already been written, so it is unclear whether the directors start all over again or just will process what it is.

However, in any case, the film is a good sign. Some pictures of the Coen brothers are better than others, but almost all were warmly received by both audiences and film critics. The list of the most famous director’s works include the brothers’ No Country for Old Men, “” The Big Lebowski “and” Fargo. ” On the latter, by the way, the eponymous TV series was filmed, which has produced the brothers.

As for the film Dark Web, it is based on a two-part material of the magazine Wired, which is called The Rise and Fall of Silk Road ( «The Rise and Fall of the Silk Road”). Especially interesting is the material due to the fact that the information was obtained directly to him by a person who was involved in the theft Bitcoin, selling classified information and in general deceived the government throughout the investigation. This person is also sold for $ 240 thousand a history of the studio 20th Century Fox so she adapted it for the big screen.

The project is in early stages of development, so it is not clear who will perform it when the director and the studio is going to finish it.