Clevo is an OEM / ODM which produces exclusively notebooks, personalizing them both on and off depending on the needs of its customers, who then will market the machines with their own brand. Among the most distinguished partners include Aftershock, Azom Systems, CJscope, Monster and Sager, but not move too much from our house there are Santech and Raiontech two assemblers of barebones Clevo known not only for its excellent products, but also for reliability and after -sale.

sembrebbe that Clevo is about to launch one of the most bizarre desktop-replacement of recent times, not by design but for the price and technical specifications. Clevo P870X is not official yet but is available on eBay through the reliable (100% positive feedback over 500 items sold) dealer CEG-HardcoreCustom that promises a machine with components from the desktop, performance “out of norm “and a” neutral “price. The notebook fact almost $ 16,000 costs pretty much out-market when you consider that a desktop PC perhaps more powerful cost 10 times less, but the official price tag will definitely lower when Clevo P870X will be available .

Regarding its technical specifications, the Clevo laptop computer integrates an unprecedented quad-core (8 threads) Intel Core i7-7700K (Kaby Lake) and from 4.20GHz up to 4.50GHz, that is part of those chips that will be officially presented only in January, at CES 2017, during the keynote of Santa Clara . To support it a socket LGA 1151 and alongside him well 64GB (16GB x 4) of DDR4 RAM Corsair Vengeance XMP overclocked to 300 MHz, 10TB of SSD space, divided into three Samsung 960 Pro 2TB each and two Samsung 850 Pro 2TB each, and finally two graphics cards Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 (mobile) in SLI . All packed in a 5.5 kg machine.

 Clevo P870X

Considering that the TDP for an Intel Core i7-7700K is about 91W and that of a GeForce 1080 GTX on 150W, we expect a high level cooling system that will keep temperatures low and in a regime normal for overclocking, but at the moment we do not know if the company will adopt a liquid cooling fans or 3-4 on the most. “hot”


The rest of the budget can be considered normal: IPS display 17.3-inch 4K (3840 x 2160 pixels) with support for the G-Sync technology, RGB keyboard, full HD webcam, four speakers with subwoofer five USB 3.0 ports, two USB 3.1 Type-C, two mini DisplayPort 1.3, HDMI, combo audio jack, microphone, two RJ-45 and the power connector, 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth. We forgot the battery, a model of 8-cell (89 Wh) but it will be enough for about an hour of play with settings at maximum.

 Clevo P870X

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