Since the new key today for Google streaming is available in Italian on the site Google Play Devices. The price, in line with that of other markets, is 79 euro, even too much for the new version of the stick which now manages 4K, HDR, has a better connection and above can also count on an Ethernet port for those who have a wi-fi dancer .

But who needs this Chromecasts Ultra? Actually serves a few people, very few: those who have a smart TV 4K probably already have access to Netflix or YouTube in 4K, for all other just normal Chromecasts.

The Ultra version is addressed only to a niche of users who or projector so no smart interface, or a branded TV “exotic” with panel ultra HD but with Netflix unaudited: on a TV of this type the resolution of Netflix fact hangs at 720p. Chromecasts Ultra is a great idea, for a few, but not all.