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Launched two years ago, the Chrome Remote Desktop app Android which allows remote access to computers through smartphones and tablets, never had such prominence how many other Google products. Nevertheless, the service is quite valid for easy access to information when you are away from PC .

Now, with the latest update 53 released on Sunday 16, the app brings a new and interesting feature: the ability to access your entire music library and play remotely audio. This means that any sound played by the remote computer can be heard on the device you are using to control it.

Unfortunately, the option comes with some restrictions: you can only adjust the audio levels using the remote operating system, or can not do it through the Remote Desktop own settings

. Chrome Remote Desktop

Currently, Remote Desktop is still only offered in the form of a Chrome app, which means that Google will have to convert it into an extension of browser (or a specific application) for users of Windows systems Mac and Linux can continue using their resources in the future.

Version 53 Remote Desktop is being distributed gradually through the Google Play store. Thus, those who want the latest version as soon as possible may resort to direct download your APK after download and configure the application on your computer.

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