Chrome 55 for Windows, Mac and Linux relies on HTML5


The group of Mountain View has long been committed to walk the path that gradually lead to ‘ Flash abandonment and the full adoption of HTML5 as a technology for playback online content during browsing sessions. Yet another step forward has been made today, with the release of the update that brings Chrome 55 on desktop and laptop computers.

The update is already available for download on operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux . Those who have already installed the browser will download and install in a completely automatic on the next reboot, but as always in these cases, you can force the process by opening the main menu of the software (via the button in the upper right), selecting the “Help” and then “about Google Chrome.”

The new release displays an alert asking the user to allow the execution of Flash the first time you visit a site that makes use. The objective is clear: to put pressure to webmasters and web designers to decide to switch to using HTML5 . They are exempted from this dynamic the ten most visited portals in the world, or,,,,,,,, and More precisely, the new release is the 55.0.2883.75, as shown in the screenshot attached below.

The browser Google Chrome has been updated to version 55.0.2883.75 on computers running Windows, MacOS and Linux

Other innovations introduced by Chrome cover the inevitable series of bug fixes, code optimization to provide better performance and support for the CSS Automatic Hyphenation (to wrap automatically and properly long words within a text). Versions for Android and Chrome OS will be released soon.

Embrace HTML5 instead of Flash for anyone who runs a Web site, means ensuring its visitors advantages such as better security while browsing and lower power consumption. This is not a minor detail, especially when you connect to the Internet from a notebook or a laptop.

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