Threshold of the New Year – the best time to dream. For example, for a new car. Luxurious, futuristic, all-terrain, accessible … Mercedes!

Moreover, it is possible to dream about a particular car – recently presented by Mercedes-Benz G-Class in finalizing the tuning studio Mansory perfectly meets all these criteria. The large wheels, flared wheel arches, a fully (or partially – as a customer wish) carbon body, 840 “horses” under the hood … Of course, SUV sports car will not be able to turn even the wizards of the Mansory has, but to become the king of off-road, this car can easily, yes and on the road will not get lost – yellow body will not. It should be a basic tuning pack 18 thousand 900 euro – perhaps not so expensive for a dream come true


For those who prefer not to turn off the pavement in search of questionable adventures, we offer a look at Mercedes-Benz GLC 220 d from tuning studio Vath. It’s not like its legendary predecessors, he once again reminds – find Parts for Mercedes-Benz W202 is becoming increasingly difficult, as in fashion and compact crossovers. For a compact “SUV» Mercedes-Benz GLC 220 d tuners offer the following package of improvements – increase the capacity to 205 liters. sec., a new exhaust system with nozzles of “stainless steel”, a sports chassis with reguliuemym ground clearance and new rims. All together will cost about 9000 euros, although you can not book the whole package, and only a few options.

But those who dream of something extraordinary, offer a draw inspiration from the work of the Portuguese designer Francisco Calado. His E-Truck Concept has nothing to do with real cars Mercedes-Benz, in addition to a recognizable brand character, but this is clearly not related to the shortcomings of the concept. By limiting your imagination only practical requirements Calado came up with a futuristic truck with tank semi-trailer. It works by an electric motor, and its main feature was the unusual cabin – it is very high and is divided into two levels. On the ground level there is a sitting area on the second – the cabin itself to control the car and a small bathroom behind her.

And finally, some good news for those who are determined to make the dream of Mercedes-Benz reality. Ruble prices for vehicles the German automaker declined by an average of 0.3-2.3% by the end of 2016. Most noticeably cheaper representatives of C-class model and GLA, SLC, but the value of E-class and GLC Coupe has not changed much.