China will launch a space mission “Shenzhou-11” on Monday


China will launch a manned space mission “Shenzhou-11” on Monday at 7 : 30 local time (2:30 Moscow time). The crew consists of two people. Thus, China will become one step closer to the creation of a permanent manned space station, which is scheduled for 2022.

According to official statements, the space program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. However, the US Department of Defense noted the growth of the Chinese mission building, saying that China has carried out activities aimed at preventing the use of cosmic adversaries values ​​in times of crisis.

China Daily

Run will be held in the remote northwestern province of Gansu. After that, the astronauts will dock with the space laboratory “Tiangong-2” where they will spend about a month. “This mission is characterized by its longer duration and a large number of tests” – said the youngest astronaut Dong Chen (Chen Dong) reporters during a press conference. “We will focus on improving our capabilities for emergency response in orbit, providing medical first aid, rescue of mutual opportunities and space experiments.”

For Jing Haipeng (Jing Haipeng), who will speak commander and will celebrate its 50th birthday in space, “Shenzhou-11” will be the third space mission. The spacecraft, whose name translates as “divine vessel”, as three of the experiment Hong Kong students will be held. These experiments were selected in the course of scientific competition – thanks to one of these silk worms go into space


Last month, China launched a second experimental space “Tiangong-2” laboratory, or “Heavenly Palace 2”. Previously, China focused on the near-Earth space exploration, however, according to the official representative of the program and the Central Military Commission Zhang Yulin (Zhang Yulin), future missions will allow astronauts to get into space more than 400 km.

With the launch of a new space, “Xinhua” China is going to the station to move away from research and testing to a more serious operations. “spacecraft launch would not be such as it is now, one every few years – instead there will be a few every year” – Yulin said



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