The People’s Republic of China successfully launch “Shenzhou-11” manned spacecraft with two taikonaut aboard. Crew members are 50-year-old commander Jing Haipeng, for whom this is the third flight into space, and 37-year-old Chen Dong. The task of the expedition – to dock on October 19, “Shenzhou-11” with the orbital module “Tiangong-2” and over the 30 days to conduct a series of scientific and applied experiments in space

Китай запустил пилотируемый корабль Шеньчжоу-11 (3 фото + видео)

The space laboratory set to 14 different kinds of scientific equipment, including the world’s largest high-sensitivity detection of gamma radiation. The cosmonauts will monitor the development of plants in microgravity and work their own cardiovascular system in zero gravity. Note that this will be the longest flight of a Chinese taikonaut previously did not exceed two weeks.

Китай запустил пилотируемый корабль Шеньчжоу-11 (3 фото + видео)

After the return of the people on Earth, the orbital module will continue to work offline. According to China’s expectations, by 2022 it is planned to create a full-fledged space station docked “Tiangong-2” with several more modules

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