Some time ago, we told our readers about the new project’s flagship gaming mouse Thermaltake eSPORTS Level 10 M Advanced. Among other things, this “rodent” could boast a maximum resolution of 16000 DPI, the presence of an additional five-way joystick, system ventilation hands and integrated controller ARM Cortex-M0 with its own memory for storing profiles and settings. But the company issued and cheaper models – Ventus R RGB and Talon X.

Resolution of 16 000 DPI does not need a lot of players, and even fewer are willing to pay for them, so Ventus R RGB cost “modest” 5000 DPI, that it provides a sensor PIXART PMW-3310. Despite the price, which even in Japan is about $ 35, the mouse can not be an easy call. Key switches are also Omron’s production, with a resource of 20 million switching buttons in this model, five, with them programmable. There is a controller with 32 Kbytes of flash memory to store user settings and system palm ventilation. RGB letters speak of a custom lighting system with a choice of 16.8 million colors. Dimensions Ventus R RGB up 60,45 × 113,52 × 37,4 mm and weighs 98.6 grams of a mouse.

More cheaper will cost the buyer set Talon X. This case we are talking about the set, as for the equivalent of about $ 27, you receive a proper mouse Talon X and a good gaming cloth mat Dasher Mini Slim. The sensor in this case is set to a maximum resolution of 3200 DPI, the resolution itself is adjustable from 400 DPI to the maximum that is indicated by a change in the illumination color. Key switches are also Omron’s production, but, however, is easier – with a resource of 10 million operations. Total buttons at Talon X six, including a separate button to change the resolution. The included Mat falls into the category of high-speed (speed type). Thanks to the firmware on the edges, it is protected from wear and rastrёpyvaniya and rubber base prevents it from sliding perfectly on the table. Dimensions of the mat is 219 × 250 mm, the mouse – 71,25 × 122,93 × 42,45 mm. It weighs 140 grams last. Both models are equipped with a USB cable in a reliable braided length of 1.8 meters.