In recent days had made a discreet uproar the decision by the youtuber Casey Neistat of suddenly interrupt his VLOG daily staffing . In just a year and a half, the official channel has come to count to 6 million subscribers a demonstration of the success achieved by adopting an approach anything but conventional within videos.

Well, within a few days the mystery was finally solved: no “withdrawal” from the social world, no escape from the ecosystem of the media: its application Beme able to record video without review or confirmation of publication, was acquired by CNN .

Casey Neistat and his team of 11 people who until now have dealt with the development of the popular app will therefore be involved in a new project that will be born precisely from application ashes next to being permanently removed from the Play Store and App Store. The youtuber will be tasked to carry out for CNN a series of new videos that will address various topics of general interest. The project will remain at each separate way from the current social channels CNN, in order to give Neistat maximum autonomy to recreate as soon as a large proportions audience, exactly as it occurred up to now on YouTube.

But what will therefore Beme? The app will soon be removed, and users will begin to receive notification when we remember to download their videos for not losing the data.

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