To celebrate the 600th episode of the series, Google and the design team led by Matt Groening have joined together to create an experience of virtual reality . The famous gag of the sofa that concludes the opening song of Simpsons becomes the star of Google Spotlight Stories, an application available for both virtual reality by all who are in possession of a viewer based on Cardboard Technology . This is the description of the app Spotlight Stories Google, distributed as a free download on the Play Store and App Store platforms.

Immerse yourself in the reality of custom narration for mobile devices. Technicians and famous directors animate the stories using the latest innovations in technology to mobile devices. Thank 3D and 2D animation, to 360-degree spherical video, cinema-quality, audio audio, and sensor fusion techniques, the screen becomes a window on history unfolding around you.

L ‘ episode number 600 The Simpsons (the series is aired continuously since 1987) is themed Hunger Games, divided into three segments: the first Mr. Burns introduces a competition for children to Springfield which takes place in its private reserve, in the second the imaginary girlfriend Lisa (Rachel) turns into a serial killer and last Bart becomes a secret agent.

Explore the neighborhood, follow individual characters, the story whenever you want. Every time you will live a different experience. Google Spotlight Stories is cinema at your disposal on mobile devices.

Screenshot for Google Application Spotlight Stories and Simpsons dedicated to the experience