Canone RAI: ​​90 euro by 2017. First installment in January


The stability law, recently approved by the Cabinet, contains an interesting news regarding the Canon RAI: switches from the current 100 Euros to 90 Euros of 2017 with a “discount” net of 10%.

According to the latest data received so far has been received about 1 billion from the first installments of the RAI fee (about 70% of the total), a figure very partial (does not include bills paid in September) which, when compared to the collection of 1.7 billion in 2015, suggests a subdued collection compared to forecasts of 1.8 billion euro. This is why the discount, while important in percentage terms, could be further expanded in the coming years until it reaches a potential target of 80 EUR. This, once achieved, would represent a very important step forward compared to previous years, when the fee RAI reached even cost 136 euro.

the method of collecting, Regulation for payment of the tax and exemptions (as citizens remain entirely unchanged who turned 75 and those with annual incomes of less than 6,713 euro …): the fee, you will pay much more diluted than this year, will be “smeared” on 10 monthly installments starting from January 2017 until October with a single installment decidedly lower than the current.

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