Canon will send into orbit a huge analogue 5D Mark III


By March next year, Canon plans to send into orbit the Earth’s camera about 64.86 kg of weight and size 84h51h51 cm, which is an analogue professional SLR camera EOS 5D Mark III. Representatives of Canon Electronics division, which is entrusted with the project, is not very tuned to disclose details of the project, and therefore it is not known which lens will make a couple of “carcass”. But the location of the sensor can take 22.3-megapixel full-size matrix and the processor Digic 5+.

In the hour “X” fotosputnik take a position at a height of 500 km, flying at 15 times a day on Earth will capture what is happening on the planet at high images definition. It reported that even individual machines can be considered in the images. Thus obtained photographic materials, the company intends to provide its business partners. In addition, the Canon plans to use the data in the field of agriculture, in order to prevent natural disasters and accurate tracking of shipping. Analysts estimate that by 2020 a new area of ​​business will bring the company revenues of $ 482 by 2030, double the figure

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