Accessibility unmanned aerial vehicles with remote control creates certain problems. Drones can, for example, be used for video filming of private or commercial facilities, as well as for surveillance. In addition, UAVs can pose a threat to airport security, in the territories of different sensitive sites and so forth.

Australian company DroneShield developed a system designed to hinder the movement of UAVs in non-smoking areas. The device is called DroneGun. Externally, this gun looks pretty intimidating, but in fact does not cause drones any harm.

The principle of operation of weapons is blocking communication channel with the operator. This causes the machine to land either immediately or return to the takeoff point. In the second case, it is theoretically possible to trace exactly who ruled the drone and detain the offender, if necessary.

Cannon DroneGun weighs about 6 kilograms. It is argued that it is capable of “hitting” drones from a distance of up to 2 kilometers. Below you can see a video demonstration of the weapon.

Sell DroneGun DroneShield company plans in the global market. Information on the cost of new items yet.