Have you decided to cancel your subscription Internet and / or telephone Infostrada but do not know how to proceed to the cancellation of the contract without incurring penalties or costs of decommissioning excessive? If you want, I can give you a hand. In fact, you can find below links to all modules to be used for cancellation Infostrada and the signs with all the steps to be taken to obtain the annulment of the contract in a rapid and, as far as possible, “painless”.

Before you can scare you and think about who knows what I want to get this right from the start that contrary to appearances, do Infostrada notice is not at all complicated. You only have a few minutes of free time and a minimum of attention and concentration, and that’s it, you have to trust.

If you are so genuinely interested in finding out what are the steps you should take to succeed in doing Infostrada termination, I suggest you put yourself very comfortable in front of your computer (but hopefully you can also use your smartphone or tablet) and focus on reading this simple tutorial. I’m sure that eventually you will have much clearer ideas about what to do and when necessary also you will be ready and happy to provide all necessary explanations to friends eager to receive a similar straight. Then? All right, we therefore consider banning the talk and begin now to get to work.

Before providing you with all necessary explanations on how to do Infostrada termination, it seems only right to do immediately clear on one point. Unfortunately, in most cases it is not possible to cancel your contract without even spending a penny. However you should not be alarmed if you respect the times and manner of withdrawal provided for, you’ll be fine with a few tens of euro.

must then make a further distinction between notice of termination of total cessation of the line and termination of switching to another operator . In some cases, you can also make cancellation Infostrada within 14 days of activation line. Depending on the circumstances, the operations to be performed are slightly different. The same goes for the costs. However do not worry, you can find everything explained below.

Termination Infostrada for total cessation of the line

If you want to make a denunciation Infostrada why you are definitely cease your user (perhaps because you need it, or because they prefer to switch to another operator requesting a new phone number) the first step you need to take is to connect to this page the operator’s website and click on the floppy disk located next to the entry form for the request for cancellation of your contract to download the PDF form must to cancel the contract phone. If the document is not unloaded but only open in the browser, right-click the icon of floppy disk and select the item Save as / Save Link As from the menu that appears.

At this point, you just have to print the form you just downloaded from Infostrada site, fill it out and send it by registered A / R at WIND Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. – PO Box 14155, Post Office Milano 65, Cap 20152 Milano (MI) . Remember also attach a copy of a valid ID, otherwise the form will not be taken into consideration by the operator.

The termination becomes effective within Infostrada 30 days from receipt of the completed form, this means that once the registered letter sent must continue to pay the service for a month.

Concerning the decommissioning costs, you have to pay 65,00 EUR for the complete cessation of the line or 50,00 EUR for termination of voice services only. In conjunction with the cancellation of the own line, you can purchase the modem and the other Infostrada equipment supplied on loan for use by paying an amount equal to 40,00 EUR for the device if they are not yet past 24 months signing the contract phone or 1.00 EUR if the contractual limit of 24 months has been exceeded.

If you submit the recommended change your mind, you can retrace your steps and cancel the cancellation of the contract using a Infostrada form available revoke the operator’s website. The document must be completed and sent by registered A / R address that I showed you earlier with attached a copy of a valid ID.

For more information on the entire procedure to be performed and on the line decommissioning costs (which, keep it well in mind, may be subject to change), see this page Internet site of Wind. In addition, I suggest you take a look at the general terms and conditions that you can find on this other page by clicking on the icon of floppy disk that is next to the item Conditions General Contract for Residential Customers .

Termination Infostrada for switching to another operator

Disdetta Infostrada

If you like to figure out how to give notice of termination because Infostrada wish to transfer your line to another operator (maybe because you had second thoughts or you are getting an offer of cheaper competition), the first step you need to take is to call the customer service of the new operator with which you want to subscribe to it and communicate your migration code Infostrada.

If I had never heard of, the migration code is an alphanumeric code consisting of 7-18 characters that allows you to uniquely identify the telephone lines and, therefore, allow the operator to easily change with number portability (ie keeping their number). The code is written in the bill Infostrada, or you can request it by phone by contacting the 155 then pressing the button corresponding to the fixed line and dialing on the keypad of your phone the appropriate radio button.

After announcement of a migration code to the new operator (the call is recorded in such a way as to avoid any legal trifles), you will not do anything. They will indeed be the two providers to deal with the matter independently and within ten working days (unless complications, of course) will complete the migration process.

In the meantime, you will receive the documents by the new operator by email or traditional “mail”, which will be printed (in the case of the email), filled in, signed and sent by fax or registered A / R follow the instructions received . The documentation in question will also be asked to also attach a copy of a valid ID.

With regard to the costs of decommissioning plans for the switchover from Wind / Infostrada to another operator are 35,00 EUR . As for the equipment loaned for use, such as modems, they must be returned within 30 days from the decommissioning of the center line at any wind or must be purchased by paying 40,00 EUR for the device if you have not yet passed 24 months after signing the contract phone or 1.00 EUR if the subscription has lasted more than two years.

For more information about the procedure to follow to change managers, I suggest you take a look at the wheel of how to change phone operator that I published on my website in recent weeks. There are illustrated in detail all the steps to be performed regardless of the starting provider or destination.

Termination Infostrada within 14 days

Disdetta Infostrada

If your subscription Infostrada has been in existence for less than 14 days but wish to cancel it (maybe you’ve already thought about or why you’re experiencing right now the problems) you can do this bearing any cost advantage the right of withdrawal provided for by law. To take advantage of this opportunity, however, it is necessary that your contract with the provider was concluded at a distance or at least outside the business premises of the company.

All you have to do is download this form on your computer, print it out, complete it and send it by registered A / R at WIND Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. – PO Box 14155 – Post Office Milan 65-20152 Milan . Even in that case, remember to attach a copy of your own valid identity document.

If the module becomes unavailable, connected to Infostrada website and click the icon for the floppy disk placed next to the item Form for the request for cancellation of your contract .

As mentioned above, you will not incur any fees for the subscription termination. In case you had received any equipment on loan for use by the operator, you will need to arrange to return them within 30 days by going off the line at any Wind core present in your area.