Unusual things are not always created by corporations like Apple. Sometimes coming up with interesting new small companies. After that – released via user. This is what Kron Technologies, organized a fundraiser on Kickstarter.

What the developers promise to the public? Chronos 1.4 compact camera to shoot at a high speed. in terms of resolution 1280 x 1024, the rate is 1057 to / c. Need more? At 640 x 96 obtained 21600 to / c.

This is a story of success. The said manufacturer has drawn the necessary amount in a matter of hours. Now for the fate of the project do not worry. Money for serial production there.

Ask for Chronos 1.4 from 2.5 thousand dollars. The price is impressive, but even more expensive competitors’ solutions (with comparable specifications).

The basis of the device is a CMOS sensor size 2/3 inch. there is also a global shutter. With regard to the active region, the number of the following – 8.45 x 6.76 mm. Version with a monochrome sensor ensures ISO 740-11840. Sensitivity “color” option achieves ISO 320-5120.

The list includes interfaces HDMI ports, eSATA and USB. In addition, the available flash memory capacity up to 16GB, audio input and output, an SD card slot, microphone and an expansion slot.

is a 5-inch touchscreen display (840 x 480 pixels) In order to facilitate management. Gadget durable – thanks to the aluminum body. Power Source Nikon EN-EL4A provides 1.75 hours without recharging.

for Chronos 1.4 lenses suitable fasteners CS Mount. In other cases, require special adapters (C Mount, PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, and so on).

Deliveries will start in March next year.

Chronos 1.4 High-speed Camera – Kron Technologies is raising funds for Chronos 1.4 High-speed Camera on Kickstarter! A REAL high-speed camera you can actually afford! 720p 1,500fps in the palm of your hand, starting at USD $ 2,499