Dear readers portal 3DNews

As you already know we decided to resume production of our monthly calendar , slightly changing its format. Now, our calendars are not only beautiful device, but also beautiful girls. Voting is complete and it is time to take stock. We remind you that the July release calendar is represented by the ASUS , and the prize for the winner will be the graphics card based on NVIDIA newest GP – ASUS GeForce GTX 1080


This step is a record in modern history 3DNews calendar – was attended by 48 girls, and all applications for more than fifty were submitted in the contest! Apparently, the latest video card has become a truly strong incentive, and many of our readers have convinced their beautiful girlfriends to send photos to the contest. Alas, a costly prize was so serious temptation that many participants could not resist the markups. We have encountered a similar situation before and, thanks to the full statistics, we can easily identify anomalies in the voting. Please compete in fraudulent practices began only two participants, and then they were joined by a few more girls. It is a pity, because many of them were the leaders of the vote and could claim victory, and without such tricks. However, as in previous times, when we are faced with such a situation, the results are implicated in the generation of fake participating canceled and the winner was Catherine Bayes ! Just wanted to mention Victoria Shilovskaya and Tatiana Lavrynovych, who took second and third place – as well quite honestly.

We thank all the girls who have sent their photos to this stage, and we hope that most of them will continue to participate in our contests!