Scientists from the University of London, Queen Mary (QMUL) created a material based nanoparticles, which allows you to hide protruding objects, making them flat for electromagnetic waves moving along the surface. Thus British scientists have once again demonstrated the wonders of science, to bring to life the idea of ​​ invisible mantle JK Rowling. Professionals invention is a screen composed of seven layers of nanoparticles. In this particular structure and the structure of the material allow you to change and transform not only the rays of light, but also other kinds of electromagnetic radiation directed at him.

Британские учёные делают первые шаги по созданию мантии-невидимки

“The project is based on transformation optics, the concept which lies behind the idea of ​​invisibility cloak – says co-author and professor of school of electronic engineering and computer Science QMUL Yang Hao -. Previous studies revealed that this method works on the same frequency. However, we can already demonstrate its operation in a larger frequency range, which makes the use of this method is useful in various fields of technical inventions, for example, in the development of nano-antennas or use in the aerospace industry “.

” invisibility cloak “allows you to skip the waves through the voluminous object, coating materials, turning the convex surface in the plane, not scattering them

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