The minister of the Conservative Party Edward Timpson, head of policy for children and families, said that schools allow students to spend too much time out of their day on the iPad. Moreover, according to Timpson, the use of smartphones and tablets contributes to the phenomenon of bullying.

Edward Timpson told the House of Lords, by sharing his concerns for the too long that schools allow children to use the iPad . For the minister, the teachers should confiscate the tablet when these are used for inappropriate activities, as too much use of smartphones and tablets would encourage bullying.

Timpson admits that confiscation should be the last resort for solving the problem, why schools should strike a fair balance between classical education and use of technological devices. In addition, teachers should limit the time spent on tablets and food interactions and exchanges between the boys in class.

In Britain, many schools allow pupils to use iPad and other tablet for school purposes, but often these devices are also used for purposes not directly related to education. That is why the proposal to Timpson could have a wide following …