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During Futurecom 2016, a presentation made by Claro and Ericsson showed the audience a 5G network prototype, whose speed reached 5 Gbps hit peaks. In LTE, it reaches 120 Mbps average, reaching 280 Mbps in LTE Advanced, with very low latency, less than one millisecond.

The demonstration was due to a request from Ericsson to Anatel which authorized use a frequency of 15 MHz and four aggregate carrying 100 Mhz each. A base station and a video server transmitted to another station where four notebooks decoded and transmitted them to the four panels, where the content is designed in 4K.

According to the Digital Convergence site, André Sarcinelli, Engineering Director of América Móvil, says the idea is to show that Brazil should discuss the implementation of technology. “The tracks for 5G in Europe – 15GHz and 28 GHz – are not available in Brazil and will have to be cleaned,” he points out.

already Camilla Duarte, Ericsson, emphasizes that 5G will not be a technology available to everyone, at least in its first phase, since the market will direct it only to certain niches. However, over time, there is observed a change in this scenario.

With information from Digital Convergence

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