Botta, Sky: “Ultra HD all’HDR together. But there is time, in Italy is still developing the HD “


In Italy Ultra HD is struggling, just think that many competitor Sky are still completing their HD proposal. Some of them, however, have made experiments in 4K transmissions for the final of the Champions League and EURO 2016 “. So says Riccardo Botta, director of production of Sky Italy, at the conference on the Ultra HD broadcasting which was held at the headquarters of Sky in England during the Sky Insights Day.

Sky upon ultra HD is in no hurry, and did not rush because does not see a competitor on the Italian territory that can somehow tear their technological supremacy . “ We decided to wait for the HDR and propose the Ultra HD only when there will also set the HDR. The HDR is a real added value for images – adds Botta – and we do not want to propose something that is an intermediate step . “

As mentioned by Massimo Bertolotti, Head of Innovation and Engineering at SKY Italy, Sky Italy will follow a different path from Sky Germany which has already launched the Ultra HD broadcasts: in Italy will start when the Ultra HD there will be l ‘ High Dynamic Range, presumably (but not certain) with Hybrid Log Gamma technology.

Botta spend a few words on what he called the Super Sky HD or a higher bitrate HD both in transmission and in the stream used to bring the signal to the van transmission: the Sky customers have enjoyed the most quality signal, and Sky is convinced that his Super HD is much better that you can offer the HD now with digital terrestrial.

Managing productions in Ultra HD, especially with regard to the sport, it will not be easy: Botta notes that many of the investments made to bring Italy from standard definition to HD have not been written off, and today it would be difficult to convince a service to adopt a truckload of director and production Ultra HD without the certainty of several long-term contracts which are still unable to guarantee. The means to produce events Ultra HD in Italy are still very few, and Sky will be obliged to rent them to other European service.

It closes with a comparison with the 3D, the last major broadcasting flop: “ Ultra HD and 3D are not equal – confirms Botta – the Ultra HD is an evolution of TV, the 3D is something accessory, parallel. The Ultra HD is here to stay, no matter whether now or later, but we are certain that you will affirm

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