charging network

Historic agreement for the dissemination of electric cars throughout Europe. BMW Group DaimlerChrysler Ford Motor Company and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche they have signed a memorandum of understanding to create the Quick charge network for the largest electric cars in Europe. The objective is to build the highest possible number of stations for charging to allow the electric car to travel long journeys. This is an important step to significantly boost the development of the market for electric cars.

The main problem of those who decide to buy an electric car, even the latest generation with high autonomy, is to find a rapid charging station along the way especially during long trips. Thanks to the growing autonomy of the vehicles, in fact, the short-medium range trips on are no longer a big problem but difficulties still remain when you decide to tackle long journeys away from the outlets of home recharging, or of their city. A problem solved in part by Tesla with its network of Supercharger and not yet addressed by the other producers, at least until now.

The posts that will be built will ensure a capacity of up to 350 kW allowing you to recharge the cars in a very short time. The project will start in 2017 and the first step involves the construction of a first network of 400 charging points throughout Europe. 2020 charging points should be, however, thousands around the territory. The stations will be placed along the main thoroughfares such as those of the Supercharger network of Tesla and in time will provide the most comfortable experience of the classic refueling in the traditional service stations.

The network will be based on technology Combined Charging System (CCS) which will also be equipped vehicles to take advantage of the potential of fast charging stations. Within a few years, then, recharging an electric car does not require more long waits and even the required time will not be very different from that of a normal supply of gasoline.

Surely question of an important news that will facilitate the spread of electric cars in Europe. At the moment it has been no mention of up charges .

The founding members will be equal partners in the joint venture, while car manufacturers will be encouraged to participate in the network to help create a convenient charging solutions for their clients. The Joint Venture is also open to cooperation with regional partners.

Among the big names who have signed the agreement lacks, unfortunately, that of Fiat, which at the moment remains outside this interesting project aimed at the future of sustainable mobility . Yuttavia, Fiat could re-enter at a later date.