Boeing is planning a futuristic system to fight forest fires and to decrease, simultaneously, the risk of accidents in terms of human lives. As known, for firefighters, put out a fire in the woods is very difficult, arduous and not without risk. Precisely for this reason, Boeing decided to use the best technology to fight the dangerous fires.

The system, developed by its Insitu division, using sophisticated drones generously sized remote-controlled via the control system Inexa and viewers for augmented reality Hololens of Microsoft . The platform developed by Boeing converts 2D maps detected by drones in the air and scan the area, precise 3D maps that can be displayed within Microsoft viewers. With this technology it will be easier to accurately locate all outbreaks of fires and drive straight until rescue teams to the problem by avoiding their unnecessary risks. The teams of firefighters in the field, therefore, can make decisions about what to do with greater ease. All information collected can also be easily shared with anyone.

This is an interesting example of how the technology of augmented reality and Microsoft Hololens viewers may have an implication not only practical but also the operational everyday life.

Thanks to the Microsoft platform, in the future relief efforts will be handled with greater ease and accuracy to the benefit of the intervention times and safety of those involved.