BMW Digital Charging Service: intelligent charging of electric platform


BMW Group introduced the Digital Charging Service intelligent platform (DCS), designed for process optimization recharging the batteries of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The main objective of DCS is to create individual programs of charging, taking into account the local electricity rates and features electric power system owner. So, the new platform will automatically start charging process in periods when prices for electricity are minimal.

In some regions, BMW plans to cooperate with the “innovative energy suppliers”, using renewable energy sources. When charging cars through such system owners will be able to count on a certain cost compensation.

If the electric vehicle owner of the home is equipped with solar panels, the DCS will be able to generate an optimum program of charging, taking into account local weather forecast. This will also take into account the capacity of solar system.

Testing Digital Charging Service platform will start early next year in Germany and the Netherlands. In the future we plan to output to other markets.


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