BMW Motorrad, two-wheeled division of the German automaker decided to give a visited in the future with Vision Next 100 motorcycle, revealed on 11 October. The concept, which seems something out of the movie Tron, was thought to here 30 years, when mobility has already become, the company’s vision, a multi-faceted and fully connected area. The launch of the bike is part of a set of vehicles being announced by BMW Group (BMW, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce), like Vision Next 100 Rolls-Royce in celebration of 100 years the foundation of the brand, taking advantage of the moment to think the next century in terms of mobility and vehicles.

The whole concept of BMW Vision Next 100 was developed to promote the experience of riding a motorcycle in a classical way, but with all the available technological developments and a focus on safety. The pilot will have full freedom of driving, unless, for security reasons, the intervention of assistance systems is necessary. The very Triangular bike format refers to R32, the first BMW motorcycle, built in 1923. Vision will feature a zero emission engine and its design is intended to protect the pilot wind and elements as effectively as one full fairing.

The concept is highlighted by assistance systems that promise to eliminate the need for a helmet or other safety devices. According to BMW, this bike does not fall in any way. It has a self-balancing system and, with it, permanace standing even when stopped. The Vision is also able to map your entire route and alert the pilot if any action becomes necessary; if the person does not act properly, the bike itself will make the necessary adjustments to avoid any kind of accident. Again, this concept is thought to a future where mobility is completely connected and that kind of prevention is possible and even common.

For all this to be feasible, go the extra equipment. The main one being the display accompanying the BMW Vision Next 100. He works as the interface between the rider and the bike, covering the entire field of view. The idea is that it only provides the necessary information at the appropriate time, not to affect the driving experience. To create this effect, the display responds depending on where you direct your gaze: look up and you can see what is behind; down you will have a menu of options that may be triggered by simply pointing a finger; Look further down and you will see a map with path being traveled; and look forward to clear the display almost completely.

One last treat accompanying the bike is the jacket. Among its functions, it can heat or cool the pilot as the weather and can also inflate the next sector to the neck to offer more support at high speeds. It is able to monitor the pulse and temperature of the pilot and minister vibrat’rios alerts to indicate when, for example, the angle of a curve is incorrect. And BMW is keen to state that he has no other security system, since they would be superfluous in view of the company.

Check out the video of the BMW Vision Next 100.