The rate at which mobile cameras improvement has not come to a halt and for each new generation of phones, we can still see the clear achievements . In the recent past are not necessarily improvements in the level of detail or sharpness, but rather in the dynamic range, color reproduction, dark performance and not least the autofocus speed and raw performance.

In this blank test, we have set four current top models against each other, and unlike previous blind tests, we reveal this time not as the phones included in the test. The images are photographed without a tripod with the phones’ auto setting enabled (with the exception of that in possible cases have set the maximum widescreen resolution for each camera) to reflect how the devices perform in everyday use.

We have five pictures of each motif with each phone and then picked out the brightest / best result. We have further, manually select the focus point for each subject. The pictures are also photographed from the same distance, but as the focal length varies between different models can differ a lot in how “close” the subject we are perceived to be.

All images are resized to 8 megapixels, and if necessary, cropped to the widescreen format (16: 9) by Blind Test: We set four top phones against each other – which takes the best pictures? first appeared on Forums .