to BlackBerry Indonesia is a very important market . As stated by The Wall Street Journal, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the most popular instant messengers in the country and has 60 million active monthly users. According to research firm Euromonitor International by 2020 Indonesia will become the fourth largest smartphone market with an annual sales volume of $ 1 billion. However, according to a recent rulings devices sold in the country will have to consist of more locally produced items.

By next year, 30% of smartphones sold in Indonesia, will be equipped with a local content, including software and investments. In 2018, this figure will rise to 40%, and at the moment it is 20%. To be able to sell their phones in Indonesia, the BlackBerry has signed an agreement with telecommunications company PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia . This country’s largest mobile operator will produce, promote and distribute all BlackBerry devices in the local market.

Competitors like the BlackBerry Apple’s will be harder to meet the requirements of local content. Nevertheless, the fact that the software is also taken into account, should help Apple – especially when you consider that the company, according to rumors, will open next year in Indonesia, a center for research and development. Also, to expand its influence in the country is going to Xiaomi . In 2015, in Indonesia there were official shops and the Lenovo and the Samsung . Finally, some other companies that produce smart phones have been able to find a local company that agreed to collect and deliver their devices in the country. As for Samsung, in the second quarter, the company had in Indonesia, the largest market share – 26%


The new regulation will help increase not only local manufacturers but also developers. In particular, smart phones purchased in Indonesia, will be equipped with a minimum of seven pre-installed apps or local production of 14 games with at least one million active users.

While smartphone manufacturers will try to do everything in order to meet the requirements of the regulations, the transaction BlackBerry with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia should greatly help us in winning one of the few markets where it can be more popular.