Black Friday 2016 set a record of purchases from mobile devices


every year, each the Black Friday, there is a significant online sales growth, and 2016 th was no exception. According to a study Adobe Digital Index, in the Black Friday, which is the whole world marked the last week, over the Internet were carried out transactions totaling $ 3 billion. it is noteworthy that every third purchase was carried out using a mobile device. Black Friday in 2016 for the first time gained the same amount and, most likely be the first day in history, when conducted transactions with smartphones and tablets have exceeded $ 1 billion dollars in the United States.

 Black friday

according to the report, Adobe Digital Index, sales at this time showed an increase of 21.6% compared to last year. The company has gathered the data by tracking visits to online shopping sites. Specialists noted that the most purchased products in this Black Friday began 4K TVs from Samsung, iPad tablet and MacBook laptops from Apple, game console Xbox One, and LG TVs.

Almost all the major retailers who participated in the sale, also noted sharply increased number of purchases produced from mobile devices.

According Clavis Insight, in this year on the generosity forward broke Amazon, reducing prices by an average of 42% on selected items. It is followed by Best Buy at a discount of 36%, 35% with the Target and Walmart to 33%.


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