Between 48 hours Europe will arrive on Mars: the secrets of



Seven month interplanetary journey, almost 500 million kilometers to cover to get to plant the flag Europe on the dry soil of Mars. These summarize the numbers of ExoMars mission in 2016 that will enable the European Space Agency engineers (ESA) to understand the validity of technologies designed and implemented in recent years. It is indeed a demonstrative approach mission, descent and landing on the Red Planet that according to the roadmap will take place Wednesday, October 19, eg arĂ  can follow the event Livestream starting from 15.00 on European Space Agency’s website at this link .

The premises to meet the challenge we are all, also saw the success of the separation of the two modules which took place in an exemplary way and confirmed by the flight director Michel Denis dell ‘ ESA at 17:27 hours yesterday 16 October.

The spacecraft started from the Russian Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan last March 19 consists of an orbital probe called Trace Gas Orbiter ( TGO) intended to concentrate primarily to detect the atmospheric composition of Mars. Throughout the trip TGO also carried the ‘ robotic EDM units (Entry, Descent and Landing Demonstrator Module) renamed Schiaparelli in honor of the Italian scholar known, among other things, to have written and published in 1877 the first detailed map of the surface of Mars.

The form Schiaparelli, developed in Italy by Thales Alenia Space under the scientific supervision of the Italian Space Agency, is a lander of 600 kg weight with a very specific task: through the Martian atmosphere and, thanks to the heat shield, parachute, rockets to brake and special airbags which is fitted, to get to the ground unharmed.

ESA scientists chosen as landing site flat area near the equator of Mars called Meridiani Planum . The area, already the scene in 2004 the landing of Opportunity, one of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, hosts a hematite mining training clear that, on Earth at least, has a process formation that includes the presence of hot springs or liquid water.

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