Although it may be well equipped under the hardware point of view and attractive, a smartphone does little if combined with the right applications. That’s the reason why today I want to offer you a list with best Android apps should not miss it for the world.

Look down a few centimeters and you’ll find dozens of apps dedicated to the Internet, communications, multimedia and productivity that are waiting to be downloaded. Try them all and I assure you that you will not regret. Most of them are free, but not without some little “gem” for a fee which I think is worth considering … also because the work of developers should be supported and you want more and more functional beautiful app!

Note: Some applications, such as those for backup and those for the maintenance of the system, may require root. It is a procedure – a bit ‘long but quite simple – by which we obtain the administrator privileges on Android and it acquires the ability to edit the most out your system. I mentioned it in great detail in my tutorial on how to root on Android . Follow him carefully and you can get 100% functionality of some app listed in this post.


Let’s start with best Android apps dedicated to browsing online, reading news and e-mail communication.

  • Chrome – as well as on PC, also on Android Chrome has quickly gained the scepter of must-have browser. It is lightweight, fast and functional. It also supports the synchronization of all navigation data with computers, tablets and other smartphones. Free.
  • Firefox – the mobile version of the popular browser from Mozilla. Synchronize data between your computer and also supports extensions.
  • Puffin Browser – the only browser that supports Flash Player for Android 100%. It is based on a cloud system, so playing games and videos is not always extremely fluid, but definitely worth a try. Free.
  • Feedly – after the closure of Google Reader, Feedly has quickly become the favorite feed reader by millions of users. This is his official app that makes the newsreader very comfortable even on smartphones and tablets. Free.
  • Pocket – Staying on the subject of news, Pocket is one of the best type services “read later” that allows you to put aside the items that are found online and refer to them later, even offline . Free.
  • Microsoft Outlook – a complete mail client that offers support for all major email services and synchronizes data with cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. 100% free and non-subscription Office 365
  • Inbox Gmail – a great alternative to traditional mail clients. automatically groups messages in various categories and allows you to manage your mail as if it were a list of things to do, postponing the messages to be answered in other times and quickly by storing those beds. It works via gesture and is completely free comfortable. It only works with Gmail accounts.
  • Dropbox Google Drive and OneDrive – the official application of the most popular of the moment cloud storage services. If you use them, install them!
  • Infinit – this is an excellent free application that lets you share files between smartphones, tablets and computers via Wi-Fi network. It is easy to use and supports all major desktop and mobile operating systems.

Calls and Messages

Migliori app Android

Now we move on to a collection of the best Android app dedicated to communication, those for free calls through the Internet, texting and keep in touch with their friends on social networks.

  • Facebook Messenger – the free client for texting with their Facebook friends. Also it lets you make free phone calls over the Internet. Simply a must-have for all members of social networks, together with official Facebook app . Free.
  • WhatsApp – still need an introduction? It is simply one of the most popular app for free texting via Internet with all other subscribers to the service. The app is free for ever (the annual fee of 0.89 euro was abolished in January 2016).
  • Telegram – another very popular messaging service. In many prefer to WhatsApp, although in terms of privacy is on average less secure.
  • Skype – despite the many alternatives available on the market, Skype is the most used VoIP client in the world and one that offers the most convenient rates for international calls. Supports calls, chats and video calls for free with all members of the service.
  • Google Duo – excellent alternative to Skype developed by Google.
  • IM + – allows you to chat from the same app on many messaging networks, like Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber and Steam. Free.
  • Fenix ​​ – one of the best Twitter client for Android by which you can keep track of your timeline by watching videos, photos and Web pages without going through other apps. It costs 5.49 €. If you believe its excessive price, you can update to the latest version of official Twitter client which is completely free.
  • Hangouts – the successor of the legendary Google Talk. It lets you chat, video conferencing and exchange files easily. All free.
  • At Google – application of license plate messaging Google. It has the distinction of providing information relating to the content of the discussions by the artificial intelligence of “big G”.
  • Ookla SpeedTest – famous app to evaluate network performance.

GPS Navigation Systems

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GPS, GPS on the wall, what are best Android apps that can be used as a navigation system to find the places where you will attend? Let’s find out right away together!

  • Waze – great free browser that allows you to have (and send) real-time traffic information, gas prices, safety cameras, and more. Its only flaw is that it does not support the download offline maps.
  • TomTom Go – one of the most complete navigation systems available on the Google Play Store. It is based on very reliable TomTom maps and allows you to browse even the paths offline. It’s free up to navigation 75Km per month, to eliminate this limit a 19.99 euro per year plan is necessary to subscribe.
  • Sygic – one of the best GPS navigators for Android. It is based on TomTom maps, it offers offline access and includes a very large number of functions. You can use it free for 7 days, then you should purchase one of the packages available maps (the prices of which range from 40 to 120 EUR).
  • Google Maps – the good old Google home map service allows you to find the right way to get anywhere. It also includes a great feature that provides spoken information about paths to follow. Free.
  • HERR WeGo – great service free maps. Also provides detailed information about places with car sharing and cycling. It also supports offline browsing.
  • Moovit – a great free browser focused on public transport. It provides detailed information on bus timetables, trains and metro all over Italy (but not only). It also includes real-time information on strikes, delays and the public transport failures.

For further information related to this type of app, see my tutorial devoted entirely to navigators for Android .

Music, Video and Photos

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Now those who do not use their mobile phones to listen to music, watch videos or take pictures? Here is how: best Android apps to carry out all these activities.

  • Spotify – the official client of one of the most popular streaming music service in the world. It allows you to listen to free music in shuffle mode. By subscribing to the paid plan premium service (9.99 € / month) you can listen to any song on demand and enable offline support to their favorite music.
  • Google Play Music – Google’s music service. It allows you to stream music (à la Spotify) by paying a monthly subscription and purchase tracks / albums in local (such as iTunes). The monthly subscription costs 9.99 euro.
  • Poweramp – according to many, the best audio player for Android. It supports all major audio file formats (mp3, mp4 / m4a, ogg, wma, flac, wav, ape, wv, tta, mpc and aiff), includes a 10-band equalizer, allows you to increase the volume of the music without excessive sound distortion and offers many other advanced options. Free.
  • TuneIn Radio – the best online radio stations from around the world listened live streaming. Free.
  • Podcast Addict – excellent free app for listening to podcasts. It supports streaming, the direct search of the episodes and offers many advanced features hard to find even in the paid apps.
  • VLC – the universal media player for popular video is also available on Android and can also be used on non “very first coat terminals”. It supports all major video file formats. Free.
  • BSPlayer – Another great video player. It supports all major media file formats and lets you play back all the files in the local network. Free with advertising. To remove the banners you can buy the full version of the player to 4.99 euro.
  • AndStream – allows you to play videos hosted on streaming services and file hosting. It also supports Chromecasts. Free.
  • LocalCast – lets you send videos from the local network to the Chromecast. Free.
  • Camera Zoom FX – one of the best app to take pictures alternative to the native Android. It supports a wide range of effects and advanced features that improve the quality of the shots. It costs 1.99 €. Alternatively there Camera360 ultimate offers almost the same functions and can be downloaded for free.
  • VSCOCam – one of the best free apps for editing photos on mobile devices. It includes many advanced filters, effects, and allows you to manually adjust parameters such as shadows, lights and colors. To unlock additional effects and filters you have to make in-app purchases.
  • Snapseed – Another great app for photo editing. Provides all the tools necessary to correct the defects that are most commonly found in photographs and / or make small works of art.
  • Prisma – popular free app for applying artistic effects to your photos. Surprising her ability to recognize facial features and its accuracy in the application of filters.
  • Image Combiner – allows you to combine two or more images and share them with other apps installed on the device.
  • Instagram – photo social network for excellence, where everyone can take pictures, make art with vintage effects and share them with users around the world. Free.
  • Google Photos – the default app for Google’s photo management. Allows you to store your photos online in a completely free and without limits of space.
  • Netflix – I do not think he needs any introduction. This is the video-on-demand world’s most popular service. It offers movies, TV series, documenting and cartoons to watch in high quality. The app is free, but you pay for your subscription to the service from 7,99 € / month. It also supports Chromecasts.
  • Infinity – one of the best alternatives to Netflix. It offers a cinematic catalog slightly higher than the latter, while on the Netflix series wins hands down. The app is free, but a subscription to the service costs 7,99 € / month (discounted to 5.99 € / month during the promo period). Supports Chromecasts.
  • Kodi – popular media center free and open source, through special add-on, enables you to watch movies, TV series, anime and TV stream in a simple manner.
  • ADV Screen Recorder – Free app that allows you to film the screen of Android without using a computer. On Android 5.0+ works without root.

In my tutorial on like watching streaming movies on Android how Chromecasts and best app to edit photos can find more information the app that I just reported you.


Migliori app Android

Working with smartphone and tablet, why not? And with these apps become even more convenient and easy.

  • Microsoft Office – Microsoft’s famous suite is available as a single app. Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook OneNote and OneDrive are all free with extra features intended to subscribers of the Office 365 service Alternatively there is also the old app Mobile Office that allows you to work with Word documents, Excel and PowerPoint, but has more limited functions than single applications in the suite.
  • WPS Office – one of the best suites for “alternative” office available for Android. It allows you to create, view and edit all Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. It also supports PDF and interacts with cloud storage services.
  • Xodo PDF – the perfect app for those who need to not only read PDF files on the move but also to modify them with annotations, highlights and more. Free.
  • Scanbot – excellent app that turns your smartphone’s camera into a scanner and save the “scanned” documents as a PDF file. It supports all major cloud storage services. It is available in a free basic version and a more advanced which costs 4.49 Euros and also includes OCR text.
  • Wunderlist – simple and essential application for the to-do list management. It synchronizes with all devices and operating systems, as well as a convenient version of the online service accessible from any browser. All free.
  • Google Keep – Google’s service records. Allows you to jot down any kind of information with the utmost speed and synchronize the notes on all devices.
  • Nimbus Clipper – allows you to customize the screenshots with annotations, arrows, blur etc. It also includes tools for capturing Web pages, add annotations to PDF and much more.
  • Pushbullet – free application that, once installed on your smartphone, allows you to receive notifications and respond to messages directly from a PC (via a special extension to install in Chrome).
  • AirDroid – another excellent application that lets you interact with your phone from your computer (in this case through an application in its own right and not through a browser extension). also allows you to send and receive files from your smartphone and Android to control remotely (function that requires root).
  • ES File Explorer – the best file managers available on Android. It’s completely free and the devices subject to the root also provides access to system folders.
  • tExpand – allows you to set shortcuts for phrases and words in order to “expand them” when they were typing. It is free in its basic version (but supports a limited number of abbreviations), the full costs 3.32 euro.
  • Mobizen – excellent free application that, combined with a dedicated PC client allows you to view the screen of Android on your computer and record it.
  • 1Password – one of the best services for password management. It allows you to store all your passwords, notes and documents in an encrypted archive in sync between multiple devices via the Internet. It is not free, you can buy it in standard (with one-time payment) or by subscription version about 3 € / month (billed annually). As an alternative in the field of free advice LastPass .

Security, Maintenance and Customizing

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In conclusion, here are some of the Android app dedicated to security systems and their customization. Use them and you’ll always get the most from your device!

  • Nova Launcher – one of the best launcher currently available on the Play Store. It is lightweight, fast and allows you to customize every aspect of the home screen of your device. It supports of external icons packages and allows to have a sliding dock bar. It’s free but there is a paid version, which costs EUR 4.50 and includes advanced features such as the ability to add folders in the drawer and support for gesture.
  • Google Keyboard – probably the best keyboard for Android. It is very comfortable, includes more detailed suggestions, and thanks to his gesture system allows you to type text without lifting your finger from the screen. The words are formed almost like magic simply “rubbing” his finger on the keypad. Alternatively there is also the excellent Fleksy Keyboard that supports the gesture and can be customized very comfortable with numerous extensions.
  • Titanium Backup – the best app for backup of Android available. It allows to realize compete backup apps, data and settings, but for the more advanced features require root. It comes in two versions, one free and a paid version (€ 5.99) which lets you encrypt your backups, maintains multiple versions of the same app, and includes support for cloud storage services. I mentioned it in more detail in my tutorial on how to backup on Android .
  • Avast Mobile Security – excellent free antivirus for Android that in comparative tests figure in top positions. Besides protecting your system from malware, allows tracking lost devices remotely, screen calls and much more.
  • SD Maid – this is a great app for system cleaning. It is not at all invasive and is easy to use. It is available in two different versions, one free which allows only clear the system cache and “orphaned” file and a paid (EUR 2.44) which also clears the cache of third-party applications. Alternatively you could try CCleaner for Android which is completely free and allows you to cancel the app cache, history and all files “orphans.” More on both apps are available in my post on how to free disk space on Android .
  • Greenify – very useful app for saving energy that allows you to “hibernate” applications and prevent these consume energy when the phone screen is off. It comes in two versions, one free and a paid version (€ 2.29) that triggers the possibility to hibernate the system apps and other advanced features. Do you have thoroughly discussed in my tutorial on as hibernate Android apps . Requires root.
  • DiskDigger – one of the best app to recover deleted files on Android. It is available in two versions, one free that allows you to retrieve only the photos and a paid version (€ 3.37) that supports many different file types. For more info read my post on it Requires root. I mentioned it in more detail in my post of how to recover deleted files from Android .