The best iPhone 5 cases for 7 leather / wallet style leather



There are many users who opt for portfolio style cases leather / leather for the smartphone. Also for iPhone 7 speech does not change with many models that can serve not only as cover protection for the iPhone but can also accommodate notes and credit cards as well as business cards to do so at least a little ‘in the pocket space. In this study we will select the five most beautiful in our opinion, and its link to the direct purchase of Amazon . Let’s find all the following pages.

Sena Wallet Book

Let’s start with a safety, Sena, which has Sena Heritage which is just a wallet style cover made of high quality leather with iPhone housing 7 as well as cards and notes and – more – a support system to position the device in video display mode. It can be found in Cognac colors, Black, Denim and pralines. Costs 79.95 €.

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i Blason Wallet Case

costs only 12.99 euro the proposal of iBlason ie Wallet Case which can be considered as a cheaper version with less valuable than that of Sena skin. Again we find space for smartphones, notes, cards, and business cards. In addition, even here, the kickstand. Is in colors black, pink, blue and purple.

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Kavaj iPhone 7 Wallet Case

The most expensive of the lot, approximately 109 Euros, is also the most minimalist because Kavaj 7 iPhone Wallet Case is actually consists of a structure with front and back cover of fine leather that includes pockets for stuffing them with bank notes or bank cards in the smallest possible space.

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Ringke Full Purse Case

For 29.99 euro in the 40% discount we find a case that certainly does not skimp on the available space: Ringke Full Purse Case offers a true compartment to insert the same amount of money and cards you have on a normal wallet going well beyond the generosity a little ‘of limited co-workers. Is in black, navy, and black-navy.

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Finally, another case much more voted to women like IVSO that just 7 Euros coast in promotion now 77 percent which makes use of a shape handbag and PU leather choice of Premium 100% handmade with lots of inserts for cards and banknotes and strap.

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