BenQ launched Projector W11000 . The special feature of this model is the use of new chip DLP made by Texas Instruments . We speak, specifically, of a DMD 0.67 “with 2716 x 1528 micromirrors. The stated resolution Ultra HD thanks to the use of technology XPR . The basic principle is similar to that of other solutions to simulate a resolution Ultra HD native. it translates the diagonal image at very high speed half-pixel (one speaks of microseconds), so as to obtain a substantially doubled resolution.

the objective is composed of 14 elements divided into 6 groups and with elements provided with a coating that ensures a low dispersion. the shooting ratio is 1.37 to 2.06: 1 with a 1.5x zoom and the lens shift (vertical: ± 65%; horizontal: ± 27%), or the ability to translate the image without moving the projector. the light source consists of a 240W lamp, which guarantees 2200 lumens . the dynamic Black dynamic iris, managed through technology, it achieves a contrast ratio of 50,000: 1.

For image processing used the veins technology CinemaMaster whose task is to improve the color reproduction, correcting the tones of embodied and reduce video noise. The BenQ W11000 also offers all the tools needed to run a ISF calibration. It ‘also present the native support for anamorphic lenses with a ratio of 2:35 aspect: 1. To complete the budget are the six-segment color wheel (RGBRGB) and noise between 23 and 26dB.

The available connections include a VGA input, two HDMI 2.0 inputs with HDCP 2.2, an Ethernet port, an RS232 port and two 12V trigger. Gennaro Frasca Country Manager of BenQ Italy, said:

The prestigious award obtained from the BenQ W11000 testifies once again to the leadership role of our technology.

BenQ W11000 is available at the price of 6000 EUR .

Nicola Zucchini Buriani SOURCE