has begun, and will expire in a month, collecting more original funds, and particularly significant that the technology world can see. This is because yes is born from the technology, but not part of it: it is the initiative launched by the craft brewery Baladin of Indiegogo signed by Teo Musso and focused on the ultimate goal of a value of $ 200,000.

An initiative, in short, that is based on crowdsourcing . An initiative that makes no secret of philosophy open source . An initiative also that relies on the concept of share . Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, open source and sharing, three ingredients often used in the traditional cuisine of the world of innovation and that the Baladin brand instead seek elsewhere application. An old restored farmhouse becomes a platform in the guise of an Open Garden, the Baladin brand becomes an icon of craft beer making himself the leader of a whole movement and the operation on Indiegogo is the way to rally those who intend be part of this great initiative. Be part, not only participate in it: put your name, bring home a piece, tie themselves to the principles that the Open Garden intends to inspire.

Crowdsourcing Baladin

Crowdsourcing or collective development of project. The project was told to word for word by Teo Musso of Indiegogo, after which everyone can choose to participate. If in other projects originated by crowdfunding the sum is a kind of reservation of the first units produced (happens for new devices, new services or new hardware solutions), in this case based investment promised is possible take home a piece of the project: a corkscrew, his name on a tree, a limited edition bottle, and so on. You can invest from a few to thousands of euro, thus establishing as of today (and for the next month) in what form and with what substance is meant to be part of the project.

The park, which will help us to create will be a milestone in the tourism connected to the made in Italy, Italian excellence, craftsmanship, the products of the earth, sustainability, the environment, to stay together and the discovery of Beer Viva. Increasingly Open, in the name of sharing and then this project want it to be yours too.

A beer in the traditional lands of wine, an open source project in the world of traditional agriculture, a crowdsourcing initiative in the hands of a company of international prestige, the principles of sharing in a market that normally protects the ends their recipes. What emerges is not a conglomeration of contradictions, but an extremely linear philosophy to marry tradition and innovation, people and projects, beer and earth.

Corkscrew Baladin, available on Indiegogo

Reinforced of the new brewery, heart of the project, there is a clear and significant indication: “ peasant Factory “. The oxymoron is the basis of everything that Open Garden is meant to represent, evolving a new dimension both concepts (the roots of which now lie two centuries ago). The future is in the encounter between the worlds, in the mingling of cultures, the ability to apply new concepts to old contexts. As in farming factory, where he will be born alive beer in the hills of the finest wine in the world.

Open Source Baladin

The beer Open Baladin has an unusual history. Was born as the first Italian beer “open source” because the recipe was published on the web with exact directions to a home production by homebrewer. In the year of his birth, in 2008, we decided to dedicate our annual competition for homebrewer right to this recipe, challenging participants to realize its clone. It was established, initially, for the desire to share a project: create a dedicated beer to pubs, to be served on tap but today has even greater ambition: to share experiences brewers from around the world. The Baladin, the concept of Open is a laboratory in constant turmoil.

The Baladin Beer is the largest Italian craft beer despite the recipe of his major productions is always available online. What is the Android of breweries it has passed being the final solution to be platform and today the Open Garden Project is the realization of this process of maturation. Around Baladin mark they are intended to converge talents, ideas, initiatives, arts, opportunities: the philosophy “open” creates a natural ganglion whose “app store” is the Teo Musso park identified in an old farmhouse in Piozzo (CN) , flanked by a brewery quite specific and (once again) open. A park to live, to visit a brewery, a “leaven” to attend.

Open Garden Baladin

Open Garden Baladin

Sharing Baladin

Open for us is a means to experience flavors, spices, approaches to product and even sometimes to distribution channels. Open Baladin is the beer of sharing and we want to exacerbate this message. And to do this we need you.

The word “sharing” is embodied in the production Baladin philosophy that makes it a real mantra is at the origin of the project, is in the initiatives that take place today and is the basis of the company’s strategies for the future . The sharing is the lifeblood of an open source project for that matter, since the maximum diffusion there is the secret of a sustainable project, able to invest, able to bet on research and always ready to mature new solutions. Sharing is part of a way of working of the initiatives in which there is “turmoil”, where the constant churning of ideas is the foundation (and driving) of current trends.

Tradition and innovation

In a park that will speak of nature, land and traditions, everything will take shape through the principles of technological innovation today hinge. Making them somewhat more clear and pure way, since dissociated from their traditional scope. Homebrewers are the makers of this great movement Baladin is the Google of this innovation, the beer is the result of the code on which you will work together. Italy can find a new cornerstone to work on the same levers that Silicon Valley has already exploited in other areas: in the day when Renzi and Obama shake hands at the White House, crowdsourcing initiated by Baladin team of Indiegogo seems to be more an omen.