Because of the conflict between Google and Amazon, users suffer


It is known that a number of Google and Amazon products compete among themselves, and Amazon tries to ignore what is produced by the competitor. Finally, the search giant had patience, and he blocked access to YouTube for Internet retailer products. Now on the set-top boxes Fire TV and smart speakers Echo Show it is unavailable. The first similar attempt was made already in September: at first Echo Show was denied access to YouTube, but then it was restored. According to Google, the partner does not comply with their terms, allowing the use of the search engine, in particular, the client did not have a number of server functions (subscriptions, etc.). The same kind of reason was put forward in 2013, when the application for Windows Phone was blocked. However, according to experts, the real reason is the lack of counter steps from Amazon to integrate with the ecosystem of Google. Amazon generally conducts quite a tough policy with respect to competitors. Proof can serve as a refusal to sell media players Nexus Player and Chromecast, which competed with Fire TV, as well as the disappearance of the product from the online store Nest products, "daughter" Alphabet. You will not see Google Home's smart speakers here either. The representatives of Google announced their attempts to reach an agreement with Amazon on the issue of mutual access to the products and services of both technological giants, but the competitor did not agree to the proposal, apparently because of the proposed conditions. As a result, consumers in the struggle for technology giants were the ones who can not use the services supposedly free and available without additional fees. Prospects for resolving the conflict situation are still unclear. However, in the blocking of the YouTube application for the Echo Show there is no doubt, and from January 1 of the following year, Fire TV support will end. Source: