Bear is an application developed to help anyone to better manage their ideas into a practical system of notes.

[app 1016366447]

Despite the iOS devices are equipped with the native Notes, Bear is an application that wants to offer a viable alternative for to better manage and easily your notes and thoughts.

The app allows you to connect two notes in order to restructure the work, taking advantage of hashtag to organize and store them in a text format. Bear has been designed for any kind of textual content: from quick notes to portions of code, up to far more complex texts. The Focus mode allow you to focus easily and the app supports Markdown formatting, but not only: Bear also allows add todo within the notes.

The basic application is completely free, but by subscribing to Pro version will not get added functionality as some types of export and sync application between different devices in our possession. In this way we can have access to our notes and todo from any device without having to worry about having to upgrade older versions of the notes.

Here are some of main feature of Bear:

  • Syntax highlighting to make writing faster
  • Support for files and images in the text
  • Advanced Markup Editor with support for over 20 programming languages ​​
  • can be added to a known method
  • Various export options, including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, RTF, JPG and more
  • fast and immediate synchronization between all your devices

Bear is available free of on the App Store.