In Battlefield 1 we have several types of melee weapons and new ways to kill an enemy with these weapons. DICE has given a significant facelift to this system and made everything look brand new. Because, new weapons and different types provide different functions pros, and cons.

Now in Battlefield 1 we have the typical knives are legendary in the saga, but also have sticks and special weapons and, of course, the impressive bayonet charge. It is a diverse group that brings freshness and fun. Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of each type of melee weapon, and also what brings and takes away include bayonet.

Differences between melee weapons

arma cuerpo battlefield 1

First we have to knives, which behave in a manner familiar to a veteran of Battlefield. They are fast and can make deletions in the back with no problems, and in much the same way as we did in previous installments. is the type of weapon body body faster game and also the least damage done. That is, we have to make several attacks to kill him unless we do as we discussed before, back (except enemies with armor, jockeys or sentinels).

also have wooden weapons, which are somewhat slower than knives but do more damage . We can also perform deletions with animation back, and are quite spectacular. With this type of weapon we can also break wood, unlike with knives. That is, if we entrench ourselves in a house, the knife can break a window partially stick with weapons we can break it completely to show us better. With the knife is always a piece of framework.

Finally we have the white body weapons or special body. Following the previous pattern, these are slower but do more damage. They are shovels or axes, with ability to kill enemies (also with animation if we catch in the back), to break wood and to break wire . It is the only melee weapon with this ability and at times we can be very useful.

How bayonet



Finally the last inclusion in Battlefield 1 is the bayonet, and perhaps the most high-profile of all. It is a long knife which engages the barrel of the gun, and not all can live. It has certain disadvantages that should not go through something. The first thing that never appears in the statistics of weapon is that adversely affects restroces o. The use and does not bother you, or notes that costs you handle weapons?

The second disadvantage is that, after making a charge, some time will be unable to shoot due to fatigue . Is very little time, but if you fail to load and you’re surrounded by enemies, you can give for dead. And obviously, it will take quite a while to be able to run again. Similarly, the bayonet charge makes you less able to rotate, ie, know very well where you are going.

But let the great advantage of the bayonet. Kill touch if we succeed to give the enemy and during the time of the load, thanks to the adrenaline freed, receive less damage from firearms. But we must be careful, because our cry alert nearby enemies.

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