Much it has been said about customizing weapons in Battlefield 1 and is that users had quite concerned about it. Customization of weapons is one of the keys to any shooter offer that variety in a multiplayer that is expected to last at least one year, is essential if we are all hooked. But given the variety of different configurations same weapons, some questioned whether the weapon customization is not purely aesthetic.

Within a couple of weeks of its release, we can find out. Something was suspected since the beta, we could access a weapon customization menu where we said that everything would be available in the final version of the game. However we know how everything works and what we can change: from the view and the crosshairs until the triggers, cylinder heads and wood tones


The customization in Battlefield 1

armas battlefield 1

One can say that the first full war will have an almost total customization. We’ll see if more supplements than in Battlefield 4, where there is a lot sometimes unnecessary in the final game, because several supplements offer the same, but it seems quite likely that there will be more additions that alter statistics weapon.

Yes, there will be prefixed versions of weapons, according to one of the developers, up 3 per model many of them already tell you of anticipate previously . But this does not mean that they can not touch. What it does mean is that, depending on the type of function that this oriented accessories will not be available. If for example we want to customize a shotgun, we can not put him a long-range look, because it is a weapon designed for short distances.


We’ll have guns, triggers that allow us to make a quick fire, we can remove the bayonet, because it has certain disadvantages (wearies our soldier and not allow us to shoot for a few seconds). Can we choose what kind of ammunition take put a front handle to increase the accuracy, or the bipod to reduce recoil. We will also have different grips for the gun and shoot better and moving (hip players may be in luck).

Other appearances will be locks for sniper rifles, to improve the rate of fire pads, cylinder heads that improve accuracy, ammunition increases the damage to short but reduces it to long, cartridges improve the setback, the anti-armor we already know and tracers for snipers. They also get extended different chargers.

anticipado battlefield 1

In the visual section we have all kinds of camouflages the time to put guns to our liking. But most striking is that can choose what type of steel we want to take : If darker or lighter, brighter or even gold. We can also choose what kind of wood have our weapons, those with wood, of course.

To achieve them we can buy, but also the game will reward us for using much a weapon, and at a certain level expert with a gun, will have a battlepack loaded with supplements for this weapon. We do not know how many or whether it will include some camouflage, because we know nothing of battlepack, only its existence.

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