Battlefield 1: how to win medals


Battlefield 1 is about to leave, in fact subscribers tomorrow EA and Origin Access tomorrow can access and DICE dropper gives us all the news of the game. In this way we will know him everything until the day of release, October 21, for the rest of mortals. Previously we met how plates are unlocked and how they will customize the arms .

Now we know how medals are unlocked with a completely new method whose operation had never seen in any of the saga. Medals and know for some time, and with it we are rewarded for our ability to play multiplayer Battlefield. When we get a number of achievements or requirements, we awarded the medal.

In previous releases this was accomplished over time, ie achievements were cumulative . From the first day of release and until you get tired of playing, three years later, you could be collecting these criteria to get medals. Some of conseguías in a couple of days, sometimes in weeks or months. Now everything has changed for the better.

How to get the medals in Battlefield 1

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The base 1 game Battlefield will have a total of 34 medals (with each package of additional content certainly add a few more). To achieve them we must go one to one ie, we mark what we want to achieve and then medal, if you ask 20 eliminations, which we only count when checked. If we had not marked and had made 19 deletions, will not serve us any good.

But there is more, we can not follow the medals we want as long as we want. Each week we will have available five medals to follow and we can only get that within seven days. Now, we can make a medal, get those hypothetical 20 deletions, and mark another medal to complete the first level of requirements. Everything we get during those seven days we were saved, but at 7 days, if we do not get the medal restarts.

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For example: You may activate once we Assault medal and Medical. In the first level of requirements, we will need 20 eliminations in both classes. If we mark Assault and do the 20 eliminations, and then we scored the Medical and complete those 20 eliminations, we will have completed first level of requirement for both medals. But at the end of seven days, if we do not complete the other requirements, the next time those medals available, will have no requirement completed .

Each medal has several requirements the easiest, have 3, as the Doctor. The first level calls 20 eliminations with weapons of Medical, the second 100 cures teammates, and the third 20 revivals. When we get the first level, we will access the second level, and when we completed this, we will access the third. This mechanism will make many weeks we stay with honey on the lips, and extend life much of the game.

The most difficult medals have five levels and the requirements of level four five will be very difficult to achieve. Thus, DICE gets when someone wins a medal, you have completed really an achievement, not like before when if we got some medals for our expertise, but there were many others that were getting simply by playing a long time, and is also they were designed for that.

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