As every time they release a Battlefield, users are waiting to see what happens to the battlepacks. They appeared in Battlefield 4 and undoubtedly were very successful . That feeling of having a “surprise” waiting occasionally after combat is simply unmatched. For this reason they were kept in Battlefield Hardline, but with a weak result.

In Battlefield (discovers how works spoteo of enemies ) 1 said it has decided to get him back and the result, though far removed from what we saw in Battlefield 4 is very positive . And it is because all users will have a very regular access to battlepacks, the content also will give much game, because they will allow us to craft weapons and discard content to get game coins and buy more battlepacks.

How to battlepacks in Battlefield 1

battlefield especial battlepack

To get a battlepack simply must play. At the end of each game, according achievements during it a number of players will be rewarded with a battlepack each. That is, it is quite likely that if we have accomplished something, out in the final scores more defenses flag, or something like that, we receive battlepack. But the prerequisite is to play whole games. Does your team is losing and you go? Forget the battlepack.

Another way to get several battlepacks is to have the Deluxe Edition, which comes with three battlepacks or the Ultimate which comes with 8 addition to the 14 that receive once a month thanks to premium content.

Finally we can buy with money from the game, which is achieved by discarding the elements that touch us with battlepacks. That is, if we have something that has touched us, we can rule out a change of “fragments” game currency. When amass number of fragments, we can buy another battlepack. There are three types: normal, improved and superior. Each contains more and better things than the last and costs more.

containing Battlefield battlepacks 1

battlefield 1 battlepack

But let’s get to the most interesting of all. The content. There are three types of areas: special, distinguished and legedario. Each and every one of them can touch you in a normal battlepack, but improved and higher guaranteed there is one of each type.

also we can obtain an increase in XP or piece of weapon which are rare objects. These pieces of weapons allow us to complete a puzzle melee weapon, and if we do, the unlock for multiplayer. This is the crafting of weapons that we mentioned earlier years.

All content that we can touch us appear in the upper right corner when we open one battlepack. It is called revision, and is the new DICE for battlepacks. Every now and revisions will change ie, the content that can touch us to open one. Perhaps if we have all the aspects, we prefer to wait a few days to change their review, or instead prefer to open them to discard the pieces and thus get fragments. No doubt the system will give much game and we will have hooked for months, as happens with medals .